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If you are being treated for an infectiontake the full course of tablets prescribedeven if you feel better after a few days.

Ask your doctor if you have any questions about why it has been prescribed for you.

Antibiotics have been used in acne management for decadeshowever with increasing concerns of antibiotic resistance there is a trend to use shorter coursesusually three to six months of treatmentUsing antibiotics with topical benzoyl peroxide can reduce bacterial resistanceSome doctors may recommend that you take a probiotic when you are prescribed oral antibioticsThis can be as simple as a yoghurt drink or spoonful of yoghurt!

Antibiotic tablets/capsules include doxycyclinee.gDoxyDoryxVibratabsminocyclinee.gMinomycinAkaminand trimethoprimErythromycin may be used in younger patients and pregnancyBactrim is a sulfa antibiotic and is used occasionally.

Managing acne with antibioticsAll About Acne A number of different antibiotics are available Antibiotics work by controlling the bacterial infection that contributes to acneThey also have an cheap minocycline online anti-inflammatory actionwhich can reduce the rednesssw.

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each minomycin 50 mg tablet contains minocycline as hydrochloride as the active ingredient and the following inactive ingredients .

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